The director of Mystikal (2010) celebrates the 500th anniversary of the most incredible journey by sea ever made. 1519. Seville, Andalusia (south to Spain). Juan Sebastian Elcano is a young and irresponsible man who only wants to live as captain of his little boat, but due to the debts he has with the bank of the city, bank manager confiscates Elcano’s boat and orders the guards arrest him as defaulter. Trying avoid the jail, Elcano enlists as part of an expedition of five ships commanded by Portuguese Admiral Fernando de Magallanes, nicknamed The Navigator, in order to arrive in Moluca Islands (Indonesia) to get spices, very valuable by Kingdom of Castile that rules Spain. But Portuguese ambassador Dacosta tries that the trip fails since Moluca Islands belongs Kingdom of Portugal, and hires Yago as spy and saboteur to prevent the success of the journey. Unaware of it, Magallanes completes the crew of the five ships (Trinidad, San Antonio, Concepcion, Victoria and Santiago) and starts the travel but Elcano, hoping to have his own ship, works as helmsman for Captain Juan de Cartagena, who despises him and is suspicious about Magallanes, taking him as a traitor who secretly works for Kingdom of Portugal. At the same time that Yago makes some sabotages, Cartagena conspires with the others captains to get Magallanes’ secret map to navigate by unknown lands. But when Magallanes dies after a battle with natives of the Philippine Islands, Elcano is promoted by the crew as new leader of the trip. Always traveling to the west following the sun and determined to fulfill the mission, Elcano will find himself fighting against not only Yago and Dacosta, but time and starvation to make history and give the first trip around the world.